wyd? – 10.31.16

wyd? – 10.31.16 November 01, 2016

We don’t know what’s scarier: Halloween? Or these Caucasians on Halloween? (JK—we all know what’s more terrifying.) Case in point, point,

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wyd? – 10.28.16

wyd? – 10.28.16 October 29, 2016

If you love our emails, tell somebody dammit. WYD is certified #000000—this stuff is Black. Like, Vantablack. Sidney Poitier in the heat of the night, Black. Black

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Hey, Jessica

Hey, Jessica October 29, 2016

Where you at, JESSICA?? Having spent nearly a decade working for and with Democratic candidates and progressive political organizations, Jessica Byrd knows the challenges we face in recruiting, electing and engaging

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wyd? – 10.26.16

wyd? – 10.26.16 October 27, 2016

It’s that time of year again. Halloween already got white people trippin. This email is chock-full of Peak Caucasity, so hold onto your butts. WHAT

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wyd? – 10.24.16

wyd? – 10.24.16 October 25, 2016

Monday, again? Y’all ready for the weekend already or nah? WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS Last week, DC Metro Transit

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wyd? — 10.21.16

wyd? — 10.21.16 October 22, 2016

Welcome to Friday, the 21st day of October in this Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen. Praise god herself. And welcome to wyd? — your melanated after-dark digest.

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Hey, Cherrell

Hey, Cherrell October 21, 2016

Where you at, Cherrell?? Cherrell Brown is a community organizer and educator living in North Carolina. She is involved with several grassroots organizations working towards ending police and economic violence, and

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