More Than A Little Black And In Full Effect


March 01, 2018


Let’s be real, this year is kinda off to a rough start. January literally felt like 20 years, February only stayed for a hot minute, and to top is all off — that Orange Cheeto is still president. But the important part to remember is – WE’RE STILL OUT HERE!

Just when you thought we were down for the count, we’re back and better than ever! And while we won’t be coming out with any musical numbers as good as Blackish, we’re gonna come pretty close. 

This move will only ever be #WakandaForever for us now, y’all.

More than ever, shows like Blackish are shedding light on our experiences as Black people and we are living for it. WeBuiltThis is a space to uplift and inspire each other as we proudly reclaim our time and bask in our glory. Yeah, it’s March…but since Black people are from the future, every month is Black History Month. Reclaim that time, honey!  

We’re ready to kiki, stay hella Black, talk a little trash AND oil our scalp all at the same time.

So, stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out exactly what we have up our sleeves. It’s gonna be good, y’all.

Until then, tell a friend. Tell an enemy. Hell, run tell dat– we’re back. And we definitely still built this.

– Aimée & Shawn & the #WeBuiltThis team