For The Culture


March 06, 2018


By now there probably isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t seen Black Panther at least once, right? Right??? Don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead but really, though? This blog isn’t going anywhere if you need to get yourself to a screening. We’ll wait…


We have been getting our lives over the cultural juggernaut and #BlackExcellence-fest for weeks. This wasn’t just a movie, y’all. It was everything. And, true to form, we didn’t just turn up at the theater to gorge ourselves on snacks in our Wakandan finest. Nahhhhhhhhh. We also showed up and showed out to make sure our folks were ready to make Wakanda a reality in our own lifetimes.  

Through the Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project, we got busy with #WakandaTheVote and helped to register thousands of new voters at voter registration drives across the country during the first few weeks of Black Panther‘s opening.

And we’re not stopping. Look, it’s a long road between now and November. And we have a lot of ground to cover.  You ready?

#BeAWarrior and join us as we register folks outside of A Wrinkle In Time showings starting this Friday.

Mother Oprah and Ava Duvernay are giving us a little Black girl who saves the world for Women’s History Month. The least we can do is help to save it too.

Can’t make it to a screening to do a voter registration drive yourself? We got you- share the images. Text a friend. Call your cousin. Use the short code to go on and register yourself to vote. Get into these options! 

You already know– we got us always. Let’s #WrinkleTheVote for #BlackNovember.