Join us and hold elected officials accountable for state violence. #WeBuiltThis


Black trans folk, Black queer folk, Black girls, Black boys, Black women and Black men are being murdered by the state.

At every level of government, politicians have waged assault on Black communities through economic violence, environmental racism, police brutality, erasure of voting rights, mass incarceration and other forms of state violence.

#WeBuiltThis nation with our labor, our sweat and our blood. Black folk made this country what it is, and we have never benefited from it. We will build and rebuild until we have obtained the freedom that belongs to us.

Take the pledge to build local power and hold problematic politicians accountable. Every election is an opportunity to build Black futures.

“It was our labor that built this house.
You sat beneath the old cotton tree telling us
how long to work or how hard to work,
but it was our labor, our sweat and our blood
that made this country what it is,
and we’re the only ones who haven’t benefited from it.
All we’re saying today is,
it’s payday.”