#WeBuiltThis. Stay Mad.

Taylor Campbell

November 01, 2016


Yesterday at Afropunk, #WeBuiltThis issued an exclusive public service announcement to the world:

Black people built America.


This serving of pure fire was produced in collaboration with Cherrell Brown, the BLCK Family, Sherika Shaw and Steven Pargett of Militia Design, menswear stylist Mister DeLaMont, artist Eyme XY, and film producers Roberto Mario, Robert Portal and Kevin Cruz.

#WeBuiltThis believes in Malcolm X’s “payday” — a day when Black folk can truly live free in a nation literally built on our backs. In the #WeBuiltThis PSA, Cherrell Brown dreams aloud about what that day will look like.

“On that beautiful, amazing day, we will have resources for our folks, I mean all of our people — for our queer folks, trans, poor, undocumented, our family being held hostage right now in the prison industrial complex system. For those who vote, for those who don’t vote, or for those who can’t vote. It looks like Black joy, and adequate food on the table, and housing and health care. It looks like Black love outside of these rigid binaries. Where we’re funding Black futures. Where we are free. And on that day, we’re pulling out the receipts and we’re demanding, not asking, not pleading, but taking what’s owed to us.”

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